Rise in Dementia Sufferers Highlights Importance of Securing Lasting Power of Attorney

The Health and Social Care Information Centre have revealed startling statistics that show the number of people diagnosed with Dementia has risen 60% in just seven years. Anecdotally at Forbes Solicitors we have noticed an increase in the number of clients who are affected by Dementia and require services such as putting into place a Lasting Powers of Attorney.

Although the statistics are startling, many other factors such as an ageing population, improved diagnosis and better awareness could all be reasons why the figure has increased dramatically.

George McNamara, Head of Policy and Public Affairs at the Alzheimer’s Society charity, said: “More people with dementia may now be known by their GP and registered as having the condition, but the stark reality is that hundreds of thousands still face the life-altering diagnosis of dementia alone, without any support or information.’

As the disease is becoming more prevalent, it is essential that everyone considers putting into place a Lasting Power of Attorney (LPA) to protect them for the future. Lasting Power of Attorney is a document in which you can appoint a person or people to look after your finances and welfare on your behalf if you lose the capacity to do so in the future. A Lasting Power of Attorney is invaluable if someone develops dementia and can make both the life of the person living with dementia and also their family’s life a great deal easier. It removes the hassle of having to sort out someone’s affairs during what is a stressful time and means that the family can focus their attention on providing support to the person who has dementia.

As an Alzheimer’s Society Dementia Champion myself, these statistics, although quite shocking, do promote awareness of the disease, which can only be a good thing. I believe that the epidemic will unfortunately only continue to grow simply because more people are living to an old age.

If you wish to discuss putting a Lasting Power of Attorney in place to protect you for the future, please contact Jennifer Wilkinson at Forbes Solicitors on 0800 037 4628 or by email.

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