Remembering a Charity in your Will

Last week (12-18 September) was Remember a Charity Week, a national initiative which aims to encourage clients to consider including a charitable gift in their Will. Statistics for 2015 have been released, which show that 37,261 Wills that went through Probate in England, Scotland and Wales included a charitable legacy*. This was an increase from 34,908 in 2014. They estimate that total legacy gifts across the UK are worth around £2.5billion.

Charitable legacies are not just for the rich and famous. Whilst there may be exemptions from Inheritance Tax for those with larger estates, anyone can leave a gift to a charity in their Will, no matter how large or small. Research** shows that around 35% of people would like to leave something to a charity after their death, but only 6.3% actually do. Making a Will is the only way to guarantee that the organisations you care about will benefit after your death.

At Forbes Solicitors, our team of specialists are happy to advise on including charitable bequests in your Will. Should you require any further information, please contact Lorraine Wilson in our Wills, Probate, Tax and Trusts Department on freephone 0800 975 2643 or send any question via our online contact form.

*Analysis carried out by Smee and Ford (Source: Solicitors Journal 13/9/16).
** Remember a Charity –

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