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Our expert personal injury lawyers are here to help you claim compensation if you were injured in an agriculture or farm accident and it was not your fault.



The expert Personal Injury Lawyers at Forbes Solicitors are here to help should you be injured in an agriculture or farm accident. Contact us today to get your No Win No Fee compensation claim started.

The farming and agriculture industries are some of the most dangerous to work in, claiming almost one life per week and causing severe life changing injuries and illnesses to workers on a daily basis.

Accidents can happen due to a number of factors as the nature of farming and agriculture work usually requires the use of heavy machinery, moving vehicles and dangerous chemicals. Workers involved in these accidents can be left with devastating injuries rendering them unable to work for extended periods of time. In addition injuries caused by cattle, silos and pits are a regular threat to farmworkers, with many injuries resulting in fatalities.

Types of Farm and Agriculture Accident Claims

Forbes Solicitors deal with many agriculture and farming compensation claims regarding the following:

  • slip, trip or fall accidents
  • farm workers being struck by moving, flying or falling objects
  • falls from height;
  • Heavy machinery accidents such as tractors/harvesters/forklift trucks/diggers and 4x4 vehicles
  • Animal injuries
  • Hazardous chemical and substances injuries and illnesses
  • Vibration illnesses
  • Illnesses caused by exposure to dust
  • Silos, Slurry Stores or Pits accidents
  • Back injuries
  • Zoonoses (diseases passed from animals to humans)
  • Farm accident fatalities

If you work in the agriculture or farming industry and you have been injured whilst on the job or as a result of working in this industry, you deserve compensation. In addition if your loved one has been fatally injured whilst working on a farm or in the agriculture industry - you have a right to seek independent legal advice and a right to claim compensation.

Forbes Solicitors has a dedicated team specialising in claims of this manner and the expertise needed to bring about a successful claim.

For a free consultation with a personal injury lawyer specialising in farming and agriculture injury claims contact us today.

Additional Information

Agricultural Farm Accidents


As farm accident solicitors, we're experienced in dealing with all manner of farm accident claims. Therefore, if you have been victim to a farm accident that wasn't your fault, you may be entitled to compensation. The nature of farming and agricultural work means that unfortunately, farm accidents are not uncommon. However, due to the dangers that the job can sometimes present (the operation of heavy machinery, for example) it is paramount that employers follow the correct health and safety procedures so that their employees are not at risk. If you have been injured in the workplace as a result of your employer not complying to health and safety requirements, do not suffer in silence. At Forbes, we're aware that farm accidents can have a devastating effect on the rest of a person's life. From lifelong injuries through to time off work and medical bills, there's a lot to deal with after suffering an injury at work and if that injury was through no fault of your own, you should claim for the compensation that you deserve. To begin, contact Forbes today.

How will I know if I'm entitled to farm accident compensation?


The best way to find out whether or not your situation warrants a claim is to give Forbes a call for a free consultation. During this, we will be able to discuss the details of your situation and decide whether you have a claim. If you have suffered from a farm accident and it wasn't your fault, our professional farm accident solicitors will walk you through the next stages of the process and keep you involved with every step. We're happy to answer any questions that you might have regarding the amount of compensation you're entitled to and the process that's involved in getting it. Our professional team have years of experience in dealing with agricultural accident claims and will work tirelessly to ensure that your claim is handled in a professional manner and you receive the highest amount of compensation possible for your claim.

How much does it cost to get a farm accident solicitor?


It's difficult to say exactly how much you can expect to pay when using our services, because usually, where accident claims are concerned, your fees depend on the level of work that is involved. With this being said, Forbes Solicitors will always offer competitive prices to all of our clients and we're passionate about them receiving the compensation they are entitled to. Therefore, we'll work to agree a cost that works for everyone, whilst still aiming to get the best out of your claim.

Can I make a farm accident claim if I am self-employed?


Contrary to popular belief, yes you can still make a farm accident claim when you are self-employed. Due to the fact you are not working for a negligent employer, many people think they can't claim for farm accidents as a self-employed agricultural worker but quite often, self-employed farm workers will be contracted by bigger businesses meaning they still have the right to claim farm accident compensation if the bigger business they're working for has control over your working environment and has therefore failed in keeping them safe. If you have any further questions about being self-employed and claiming farm accident compensation, please do not hesitate to get in touch with Forbes Solicitors.

How much farm accident compensation will I receive?


It's difficult to say exactly how much compensation you can expect to receive as this will really depend on the nature of your claim, the severity of your farm accident and how it has affected your day to day life since. With Forbes Solicitors on hand, you can expect to be given expert advice throughout so that your claim results in the compensation that you deserve. Contact Forbes Solicitors, today.

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