Public Transport Accident Claim

If you have been involved in an accident on a bus, a train or any form of public transport our expert lawyers may be able to help you claim compensation.



If you have been involved in an accident on a bus, a train, ferry or any form of public transport, Forbes Solicitors can swiftly deal with the accident claim and will work to recover compensation for you.

In the UK accidents on public transport systems present unique challenges and it is essential that these cases are handled by experienced and specialist solicitors. Different rules apply to vehicles transporting members of the public and the organisations which run them often have a vested interest in protecting public funds. As such, personal injury claims arising out of accidents on public transport can be hotly contested.

Anybody who regularly uses a public bus or train system will be aware that seatbelts are almost never available for use. Overcrowding may require passengers to stand in gangways and accidents may occur when a passenger is in the process of getting on or off a bus, perhaps when the driver brakes too quickly. Court decisions consistently show that a passenger must take care of his or her own safety, but they also impose a specific obligation on the driver to drive in such a manner which avoids the risk of personal injury to any passengers. Due regard must be had to the presence of the elderly, young, or infirm, all of whom should be free to enjoy the benefits of public transport without the fear of suffering any personal injuries.

For these reasons the line between responsibility of the driver and passengers can be very fine indeed, and often success in these claims depends on an early and accurate assessment of the type of transport involved and detailed interrogation of witnesses. Our specialist and experienced personal injury solicitors can help you to maximise the chances of getting compensation from the very start.

Public Transport Solicitors

Every public transport organisation has a duty to keep you safe and follow health and safety rules. While claiming against a bus, train, tram or ferry company may be complex, the injuries you sustain from a public transport accident can be life-changing. Injuries may be caused by the following:

  • Road traffic accident if you are on a bus or tram
  • the bus hits you while you're waiting at a bus stop or station
  • Injuries due to poor driving
  • Slips, trips and falls in stations
  • Injuries from train, tram and bus doors
  • Your train crashes
  • Falling objects from overhead luggage storage
  • A bus crashing into your vehicle that was not your fault.

At Forbes Solicitors, our expert public transport injury solicitors offer a free consultation, so we can ascertain whether or not you have a claim. If you do have a public transport accident claim we will help you gather the evidence you need and arrange for you to see an independent medical expert, who will determine the extent of your injuries and feedback on what your treatment and care needs may be now and in the future. This will help us decide how much compensation to ask for.

Public transport accident compensation is calculated in the same way as any other personal injury claim and the final sum will take into consideration the following:

  • The severity of your injuries
  • The treatment, care or rehabilitation you will need now and in the future.
  • Loss of earnings - for example, if you need to take time off work, can no longer work due to your injuries and if your earning capacity has been reduced due to having to change to a role that pays less.
  • Expenses you or your family have incurred due to the accident
  • Loss of enjoyment
  • Trauma - in some cases you may be able to claim if the accident has left you with psychological injuries.

The compensation settlement you may win from a public transport accident claim can help pay for treatment, rehabilitation and counselling that may not be available on the NHS. It can also help cover other costs such as living expenses while you recover, adaptations to your home and transport costs to and from medical facilities. You will have a time limit of three years to claim compensation from a public transport accident.

If you have been injured in a public transport accident then contact our expert transport solicitors today. We may be able to help you on a no win no fee basis, which means there will be no upfront cost. Contact us today on 0800 689 0973 or get in touch here.

Bus accident compensation

While bus travel in the UK is considered highly safe, there are cases when accidents occur to passengers. Although they are rare, bus and coach crashes do happen and if you are injured through no fault of your own then you may be entitled to bus accident compensation.

Examples of bus accidents include:

  • The bus or coach you are travelling on crashes
  • A bus crashes into your vehicle
  • A bus collides with you or your child
  • You are thrown off your seat and injured due to a sudden braking or poor driving
  • You are injured while getting on or off the bus.

Bus accident claims are unfortunately not straight forward, as mentioned above they are typically contested, and you will need strong evidence for your case to be successful. If you where in a bus accident, then you will need the following information:

  • Details of the bus driver, bus number, the route, date and time of the incident
  • Take photos of the scene
  • Report the accident to the bus company
  • Depending on the reasons for the accident, you may need to report it to the police
  • Write down a record of events as soon as possible
  • Gather the contact details of the other passengers or other potential witnesses such as bystanders
  • If any other vehicles are involved get their details.

The more details you have, the stronger your case may be. Contact our transport solicitors today to see if you have a claim.

Train injury claim

Accidents on a train, platform or station can have serious consequences. If you are a victim of a train crash, we understand how life-changing it can be not only physically by psychologically too. This is why our sympathetic and understanding transport solicitors can help you with your train injury claim. Whether you were travelling on a train, tram or the tube, all train operators have a duty to keep their passengers safe by ensuring that health and safety procedures are followed, hazards are properly signposted, the trains are properly maintained and platforms and stations are safe places for their customers to be. However, injuries can happen if for example:

  • Stairways are poorly lit
  • Flooring is wet or uneven
  • Train doors are faulty
  • Falling luggage from inadequate luggage storage.

While rare, train crashes can cause devastating injuries. If you were injured in a train crash or have had an accident while on a train, platform or station, contact our expert transport solicitors today on 0800 689 0973 or get in touch here. If you have a train accident claim we will help you get the compensation your deserve.

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