Top Tips When Moving Home

At Forbes Solicitors we aim to go that extra mile for our clients. We all know that buying a house can be a stressful time but we offer our clients some top tips to help you along the way. Here are just a few…

  1. Get a full structural survey done on the property! Many people are of the assumption that a mortgage valuation will show up any structural issues with a property. This is far from true! A valuation simply confirms the value of a property. At Forbes Solicitors we always advise that clients have a full structural survey carried out on the property you are intending to buy. This will show up any structural defects, damp issues and problems with the roof which can all be very costly to repair once you have moved into the property.
  2. Always re-inspect a property before contracts exchange and check things like the heating and hot water. Many home buyers are unaware that it is down to them to find out about any defects, and that once contracts are exchange it is too late.
  3. Check alarm systems and obtain alarms codes and instructions. Make sure that there are keys for all the windows.
  4. Discuss in detail with the vendor what you are expecting them to leave by way of fixtures and fittings. This can then be agreed in writing.
  5. Take meter readings. You do not want to be paying for the seller’s gas, electric and water.
  6. Always check the council websites for any pending planning applications on neighbouring properties. Their huge extension may de-value your property?
  7. Make a Will. No matter how big your estate will be it is always prudent to have a Will written after you have bought a home to ensure that your family will be protected.
  8. Do your figures from the outset! Many home buyers do not anticipate how expensive it can be to move house so make sure you have all your figures together. Take into account; removal costs, admin and set up fees for utility companies and telephone lines.

And most importantly, ask questions! If there is something that you do not understand then always ask! You are paying your Solicitor / conveyancer for a reason. At Forbes Solicitors we don’t do legal jargon and we aim to make everything as smooth as possible for our clients, however there may be times when you don’t understand so just pick up the phone and call us please!

If you have any property related questions or you would like a quotation for buying and/or selling a home, please contact the residential property experts at Forbes Solicitors in Blackburn or Accrington on 01254 54374, in Preston on 01772 220022 or contact us online.

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  1. tonyl says:

    Could not agree more with No 1 – Get a survey!

    Though it might not be legal work, it is (in my humble opinion!) absolutely vital when purchasing. Too many buyers either believe the lender’s valuation is enough or, worse, stick their head in the sand and hope their dream home is sound!

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