The Ban of EU Air Conditioning

R22 gas which is used to keep the air cool has been commonly used in air conditioning systems pre-dating 2004 and in January 2015 it became illegal to use the R22 gas to repair or maintain air conditioning systems in the UK. The EU banned R22 refrigerant used in air conditioning systems due to the ozone effects. Modern air conditioning systems perform better and are more efficient than older models.

There are different ways to manage the R22 ban and a few options are as follows:

  1. Upgrade to an environmentally friendly air conditioning system;
  2. Update parts of the current air conditioning system and make it compatible with approved air conditioning refrigerant.  (Please be aware that this may void any warranty you may have in place); or
  3. Continue using recycled R22 until 2020.

R22 is becoming increasingly more expensive and by 2020 it will no longer be available to use.

The best option would be to upgrade to a new air conditioning system which can be quite costly but this is something that eventually will need to be done and overall it will be saving the environment and saving our air.

If you are purchasing a property it would be advised for any air conditioning system to be checked to see if they comply with the current regulations.

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