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If your business has any dealings abroad, you'll know how important it is to ensure that paperwork is 100% correct and verified, every time, in order for legal documents to be accepted in many other countries.

At Forbes Solicitors, our highly experienced Notary Public, Megan Diamond, can prepare, certify and authenticate any key legal documents you need to be able to carry out your commercial and corporate affairs in foreign jurisdictions.

For more information, please call Megan Diamond on 01772 220204 or contact her here.

What is a notary and why do businesses need the services of one?

A notary is a qualified and internationally recognised lawyer, specialising in preparing and authenticating legal and other official documents for use abroad. For UK businesses that operate in other countries too, or have any corporate dealings abroad, a notary service can be an invaluable cog in the wheel of your commercial growth and success.

A notary can witness signatures and verify ID, along with preparing paperwork and documents that are legally recognised in other countries. Some of the most common dealings and transactions that businesses use a Notary Public for can include:

  • Notarising commercial Powers of Attorney
  • Applications to set up a company abroad
  • Commercial property purchases and sales abroad
  • Authenticating commercial documents for UK or foreign companies
  • Certifying company documents such as Resolutions, Minutes, Certificates of Incorporation, Memorandum and Articles of Association
  • Authenticating documents to assist in the opening of corporate branch offices and bank accounts (within the UK or overseas), Certificates of Good Standing, Certificates of Law, Application Forms
  • Notarised copies of identification and other documents
  • Attesting and authenticating the signature and execution of documents
  • Authenticating the signing of an acknowledgment for use in the United States of America
  • Dealing with shipping documentation including the registration of vessels and ship protests
  • Statutory declaration verifying the director's identity
  • Bringing or defending of business-related legal proceedings in another country

At Forbes Solicitors, we always recommend that you consult with a Notary Public well in advance of carrying out any corporate or commercial matters abroad, to ensure you know exactly what documents you will need for every part of the process. Our service can ensure that all necessary paperwork is properly prepared, verified and authenticated, which will help to minimise the chances of delays or unexpected issues with any of the documentation.

Legalisation of documents used in your foreign business dealings

You may find that some of your documents that will be used abroad need to be 'legalised' or 'apostilled'. This means that the Notary Public's signature needs to be verified by the Foreign and Commonwealth Office 'the FCO' and/or the Embassy or Consulate of the country in which the document is to be used. The certificate that the FCO attach to the document is known as an 'apostille'.

Using our notary services helps to ensure that your business dealings in other countries can be carried out as smoothly as possible.

At Forbes Solicitors, we also offer personal Notary Public services for individuals wanting to work, study, get married or buy and sell property in other countries. For more information on our notary services for businesses or individuals, please call Megan Diamond on 01772 220204 or contact her here.

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