Court Admits Overcharging Claimants to Issue Stage 3 Proceedings

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18 June, 2018

This week the Courts Service has admitted that since introducing increased court fees in July 2016, claimants have been overcharged for issuing stage 3 proceedings. The overcharged Court fees will have been passed on to defendants or their insurers when stage 3 costs were subsequently claimed.

The Courts Service is going to announce what it proposes to do to reimburse the overcharged fees, and we will be in touch when we hear what that proposal is. We assume that they intend to reimburse the overcharged claimants or their representatives and not you as the ultimate payee, therefore, you may want to consider seeking the difference in fees directly from the claimant's solicitors.

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We have taken steps to identify the cases where clients may have been asked to pay the overcharged fee and will be in touch with those clients directly in due course.

For more information contact Siobhan Hardy in our Insurance department via email or phone on 0113 386 2686. Alternatively send any question through to Forbes Solicitors via our online Contact Form.

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