Does your relationship still have life, or is it coming to an end?

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11 January, 2017

Rubina Vohra

As it comes to the New Year and January, most people make a New Year's resolution.

Often after a tension filled Christmas, people decide whether or not their relationship is still worth continuing with.  January is referred to as "D Day", being one of the most common months that people issue Divorce Proceedings.

Before people dive into that, it is important they consider whether their relationship still has life or whether the relationship has come to an end.

The most important things people need to consider are:-

  1. Whether you feel a better person with your Husband/Wife;
  2. Whether you can be honest with each other;
  3. You are able to forgive minor faults and mistakes;
  4. You are there to support each other;
  5. Do you like each other;
  6. Are you still physically and emotionally attracted to each other.

A marriage is rarely perfect and people have to work together.  However, there often comes a point when the answer to many of the questions above is no.

Before you rush into a divorce, think about the questions and consider whether you will be ones making a fresh start.

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