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09 January, 2018

The BBC is the latest organisation to comply with the reporting obligations in accordance with the Gender Pay Gap Regulations (GPG) 2017, having published their gender pay report together with an equal pay audit.

The report shows the difference in the average pay between all men and women within the corporation and, on the whole, reveals that women earn less than men, on average by 9.3%.

In light of the report, the BBC's China editor, Carrie Grace, has stepped down from her post in a bid to fight for an equal, fair and transparent pay structure within the corporation.

By comparison to the national average of 18%, however, this does not seem to be a huge pay gap with Tony Hall, BBC director general, expressing that the corporation is 'in a better place than many organisations.' That said, head of trade union Bectu, Gerry Morrissey, has warned that the BBC 'must not rest on its laurels in respect of the overall gender pay gap.'

Requirement to report

The introduction of the GPG Regulations in April 2017 aims to close the pay gap between men and women, with the underlying purpose of encouraging pay gap transparency and identify its causes within each affected company.

The Regulations state that employers are required to publish information and data relating to their gender pay gap. This requirement applies to those employers who employ 250 or more employees every year. As such, affected employers must publish information and data relating to their gender pay gap by either 31 March 2018 (for employers within the public sector) and 5 April 2018 (for those in the private and voluntary sector).

If you are an employer who falls within this legal remit, we would advise that you start taking steps to ensure you meet this deadline and publish your data in line with the requirements of the Regulations.

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