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07 February, 2018

It has been reported today that Tesco is facing Britain's largest ever equal pay claim.

Pre-claim conciliation has been commenced in which women that work in stores claim their work to be of equal value with men that work in warehouses. Apparently, the most common rate hourly rate of pay for women is £8.00 but for men it is £11.00.

If the claims are successful, Tesco faces total back pay of £4bn.

The current law requires that businesses must ensure that an employee is paid the same as an employee of the opposite sex where they are performing 'like work', 'work rated as equivalent', or 'work of equal value'.

The claim that is intimated against Tesco looks to be the final one of those three, which requires women to show that they are employed on work that is of equal value to that of a man in the same employment 'in terms of the demands made on her by reference to such factors as effort, skill and decision-making'. This will usually involve the use of expert evidence and a lengthy tribunal process.

Equal pay claims can be time-consuming, complex, and costly. Business will not only want to ensure that they treat all employees fairly and equally but that they are in the best position to defend any claim that may arise.

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