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31 January, 2022

John Bennett

On Saturday the 22nd January 2022, the Government and Department for Transport introduced a new hierarchy for road users as part of the Highway code. Top of the list are pedestrians, followed by cyclists, horse riders, motorcycles, cars, taxis and lastly HGV's. Effectively each will have priority over the other.

New Highway Code Rules

Cyclists are advised to ride in the centre of the lane to make themselves more visible. They are encouraged to ride two abreast and motorists should leave a minimum of 1.5 metres (approx. 5ft) when overtaking. They are not allowed to ride on the pavement which remains the preserve of pedestrians and wheelchair or mobility scooter users.

The aim of the code is to raise everyone's awareness to ensure safety on our roads. HGV's and vans often cause more damage, but a small car driven at speed can cause just as much damage. Even cyclists can cause damage to others. Road users need to be alert to their surroundings and other road users.

Drivers should give way to pedestrians and cyclists at junctions.

When conflict and collisions occur the most vulnerable usually comes off worse. Injuries are not only inconvenient but can be devasting and life changing in some cases.

Here at Forbes Solicitors, we specialise in dealing with injury claims. Our team of experienced solicitors are cyclists, horse riders and drivers and understand the risks and problems that can occur. If you have been injured in a road accident, call one of the team for some no win, no fee, no obligation advice.

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