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02 May, 2024

John Bennett

Stateside foods who make millions of pizza's for supermarkets were fined £800,000 by Bolton Crown court for disabling guards that protected dangerous part of machinery.

One man needed to have muscle removed and a skin graft after his arm was pulled into an inadequately guarded conveyor belt in January 2020.

Another lost part of his middle finger on the production line nine months later when his hand was drawn between a roller and a conveyer belt while he was investigating an issue.

Machinery is vital in many industries, helping with automation and production. Without proper safety mechanisms in place, they can pose significant risks to workers. Common injuries can include:

  • Entanglement and Crushing, trapped body parts to fingers, arms, hair, and clothing may become caught in unguarded machine parts.
  • Burns and Scalds both hot and cold, steam or water and other liquids.
  • Electrical shock and burns. Faulty wiring or malfunctioning components.

Employers are required to carry out Risk Assessments and consider how staff interact with the machinery and identify potential hazards.

Fixing Guards and physical barriers around dangers of a machine parts to prevent access.

Safety switches to disable machines and stop moving parts when they are accessed.

Machinery safety is not an option-it's a necessity.

By guarding against uncontrolled hazards, we protect workers from life-altering injuries. Employers, employees, and safety professionals must collaborate to create a safer work environment.

Remember: a well-guarded machine is a step toward a healthier and more productive workplace. Tragically for the two employees at Stateside foods, these requirements were ignored.

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