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Promotion in the family


Forbes Solicitors would like to congratulate Gemma Hastewell on her promotion to the position of Legal Clerk within the Family Department at Preston. Gemma, of Leyland, has worked within the Family Department for the last year and will be attending Court Hearings, drafting various correspondence…

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Just in case it ends in tears


It may not be romantic, but when more than 40% of marriages end in divorce (in England and Wales 141,750 couples were divorced in 2005) and when one in five of all men and women seeking to end their marriage have already been through one divorce, it is perhaps not surprising that more and more people…

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"…happily ever after?"


Divorce happens to at least one in three of all married couples. In 1961 there were 27,000 divorces. Twenty years later that figure had grown by over 600%. Sadly therefore, no matter how convinced we all are when we enter a marriage that ours will be the one to last, statistics show this is probably not…

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Forbes adds to Family team


The specialist Family Solicitors team at North West law firm Forbes Solicitors has recently been joined by Solicitor Sarah Hinde . Forbes, which has offices in Accrington, Blackburn, Preston, Chorley, Manchester and Leeds, recently won praise for…

Your Children - Your Responsibility


If your relationship with your partner breaks down your first consideration will be your children, but do you know where you will stand legally? Which of you will have responsibility for those children? Parental Responsibility gives equal status to both parents. The Children Act 1989 defines Parental…

Child Support Agency in Meltdown?


This and phrases of a similar nature have become synonymous with the Child Support Agency. Much has been reported of the difficulties often encountered by parents involved with the Child Support Agency from the parent with care unable to secure regular maintenance payments and enforce arrears, to the…

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15 Apr 2018



Divorce and Finances

Everybody's experience when divorcing is different. It is impossible to compare a friend or relative's divorce…

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