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I am considering getting a divorce, what will happen to my business if I do?


I am considering getting a divorce, what will happen to my business if I do, will my spouse be entitled to any of it? It is absolutely vital that you get the correct advice at the very beginning of the case to ensure whatever settlement you reach with your spouse encompasses all assets, and ensures…

Modern living and domestic abuse - hand in hand?


In a world of increasing stresses, where conflict between work and home commitments collide and where people are less confined by social boundaries of what is good or bad behaviour, are we seeing an increase in domestic violence? What is domestic violence and who does it affect? Is there any protection…

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Church, vicar, reception, flowers... Oh, and don't forget the pre-nup!


Are you getting married in less than 21 days? If so ignore this article! If however your wedding is planned further ahead, then consider this; resolving financial matters in divorce can be stressful, expensive and time-consuming. It is possible for couples, before they marry, to decide how the…

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Forbes ranks high in Legal 500


Leading North-West law firm Forbes Solicitors has performed strongly in the latest UK Legal 500 Guide to the Legal Profession. The firm is recommended in ten separate categories that include Corporate and Commercial, Crime, Commercial Litigation, Employment, Defendant Insurer, Commercial Property,…

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David Milburn becomes a member of Resolution


Forbes Solicitors is pleased to announce that David Milburn, Head of the Family Team at the firms' Accrington office has been accepted as member of Resolution. Formerly The Solicitors Family Law Association, Resolution was set up to promote a non-confrontational approach to family law. David…

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School's out!


It is that time of year again when the children's school holidays have crept upon us. For most families there will be the usual arguments when you take the precious ones away on the annual trip. However, it is something which happens once a year and you can cope with. There are other families which…

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Beware: a divorce is not enough


As a result of recent high profile divorce cases such as Mills and McCartney, it appears more people are now choosing to represent themselves in divorce proceedings than ever before, as Heather Mills decided to do. However this recent surge in 'DIY divorces' can lead to many potential problems…

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Letting go is never easy


Pictured L-R: Gemma Hastewell (Legal Clerk), Sarah Hinde (Solicitor), Judith Wright (Associate and Head of Family at Preston), Dawn Baker (Partner) With newspapers full of reports of the McCartney divorce it seems however rich you are breaking up can be costly. But it doesn't have to be…

Government abandons plans to protect cohabitees


Reforms to the law that would have given cohabiting partners similar rights to married couples will not be going ahead just yet according to a Government announcement. "The number of people in a relationship who are living together but are neither married nor civil partners continues to rise"…

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11 Jan 2019



The most expensive divorce in history

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Solicitor Alex Reid is 'always up to speed with issues on her cases and can recall a significant amount of detail easily'.

2018 - 19 Edition Legal 500

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Gill Carr 'combines technical expertise with a powerful punch in court'

2018 - 19 Edition Legal 500

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Shirley Wignall adopts a 'shrewd and common-sense approach- she is a force of nature with a reputation for being able to handle the most demanding clients in the most difficult situations'

2018 - 19 Edition Legal 500

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Head of team Rubina Vohra is 'excellent and has a team that works hard to support clients extremely well'.

2018 - 19 Edition Legal 500

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Forbes Solicitors provides a 'very personable and caring service'. It is a 'well organised team with a core of highly experienced practitioners'.

2018 - 19 Edition Legal 500

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