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Protecting your intellectual property in the event of a no-deal Brexit


With negotiations between the parties reaching a stalemate over recent weeks, it is becoming more likely that the United Kingdom (UK) will leave the European Union (EU) on 31 October 2019 without a formal deal in place setting out the terms of its withdrawal. Unsurprisingly, this only adds to the level…

The Kylie Trademark Battle


In April 2015, reality star Kylie Jenner made an official attempt to register the mark 'Kylie' in the United States for the purposes of advertising and endorsement. This move was to trigger significant opposition from Kylie Minogue, the Australian singer/actress, and subsequently lead to a…

International / EU Trademarks


Did you know we can assist you with Trade Marks outside of the UK? In addition to dealing with UK Trade Mark registrations, we can support you with both EU and International Trade Marks. What is a Trade Mark? A trade mark is a type of intellectual property consisting of a recognisable…

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Challenges and Opportunities in the Manufacturing Sector


With uncertainty presented by political unrest and the fast pace at which technology is advancing through Industry 4.0, great opportunities are currently being presented to the manufacturing and engineering sector. Whatever size your business, it is crucial to assess current business strategy,…

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Department Focus - Commercial


Our Commercial Department provides support in areas such as: · Building contracts (including making use of JCT and NEC models) · Subcontracts · Collateral Warranties · Professional Appointments · Performance Guarantees and Bonds · Deeds of…

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A Focus on the Professional Team


A construction project typically involves a number of professionals contracted to provide a variety of services. The role of a contractor and its sub-contractors is to carry out the physical work, whereas the role of a professional is to provide specialist advise relating to the project. The group of…

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FCA and Brexit


With Brexit potentially fast approaching, the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) has taken a proactive response to provide effective information and prepare inbound passporting financial services firms on their operation within the UK. Currently, financial services firms in any European Economic Area (…

Can damages be awarded for negligent misrepresentation?


In cases of contractual dispute the question of when damages can be awarded is of obvious importance to the parties involved. But what happens in cases where the dispute is over negligent misrepresentation? Rescission of the contract is the normal remedy in such a case, but is there any situation where…

Eurotunnel Procurement Settlement


The importance of transparency and openness in public works procurement has made headlines with the £33 million settlement between UK Government and Eurotunnel after the former awarded contracts for a no-deal Brexit ferry service in a "secretive" manner. In December 2018, the…

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Brexit: are EU ready?


After events on the 14th February the UK became the closest it has even been to a no deal Brexit. With further talks scheduled with EU leaders over the next few weeks, the future of the UK is uncertain. But what does this mean for business owners in a legal context and how should they prepare in light…

'Alexa, Buy More Stuff' - Why Convenience Cannot Trump Consumer Law


Consumer habits are changing. That should be obvious to even the most casual observer. High Street footfall and takings continue to decline, whilst the internet boom shows no sign of giving up any ground. More recently, the advent of smart technology has opened up entirely new avenues for consumers…

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D-Day for Disney


With 2019 well under way, some people may have already taken the opportunity to enjoy the many literary and artistic works that have lost their copyright protection as of 1 January, otherwise known in the legal world as 'domain day'. Typically, UK copyright protection lasts for 70 years…

Sue/Do Not Sue - Bandersnatch's Toughest Challenge Yet


Ever since its launch in the last days of 2018, hundreds of thousands of television fans have been hooked on the phenomenon created by 'Bandersnatch', the latest episode of hit TV show 'Black Mirror'. For those somehow unaware, 'Bandersnatch' deviates from the standard…

Now this is a story all about how... IP got twisted upside down


We are all familiar with the popular American sitcom 'The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air,' a show that infected the 90's around the world. Yet recent events are scheduled to unleash a 'can of worms' for America's intellectual property law and potentially further afield. Fresh…

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