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S Franses Ltd v The Cavendish Hotel (London) Ltd 2021


Determining Retail Interim Rents in a Pandemic Background S Franses Ltd leased premises on the ground floor of The Cavendish Hotel in London[HM1] . The Lease[HM2] benefitted from the security of tenure under the Landlord and Tenant Act 1954, which gives business tenants renewal rights…

Is it safe for retailers to say goodbye to masks?


Following "Freedom Day" customers and employees are no longer legally required to wear face coverings from Monday 19 July 2021. Masks have been a contentious issue throughout the pandemic. There is an identifiable conflict between the government advice and requirements for each retailer.…

Is the high street truly dead?


There is currently a downward trend in high street shopping, mainly due to an increase in shopping online. This has been accelerated by the pandemic as high street shops have been forced to close and ultimately improve their online services to retain customers. The impact has been so great that, in 2020…

Employee Ownership Trusts within the Retail Sector


An Employee Ownership Trust (EOT) is an alternative business ownership structure with specific benefits to both owners and employees. It involves the employees of the business holding a controlling stake in a trading company via a specifically designed trust, often appointing an advisory council and…

What is drop-shipping?


Drop-shipping is a form of supply chain management, whereby a secondary retailer (the "drop-shipper"), typically taking the form of an online e-commerce platform, accepts a customer's order and, rather than holding the necessary stock to fulfil such order, it relies upon the primary…

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National Apprenticeship Week


National Apprenticeship Week began on 8 February. This year's theme is 'Build The Future.' With 20 years of experience in progressing employees through apprenticeships, Forbes Solicitors has helped build futures and this year has been no different and has been as successful, despite the…

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Boohoo acquires all intellectual property rights of Debenhams in £55m deal


Following going into its second administration in April 2020 and subsequently into liquidation shortly before the festive period, Debenhams is one of the latest victims of the impact of the pandemic and the accelerated shift to online retailing. Nevertheless, Boohoo, leading online fashion retailer…

Where there is blame - there is the risk of a claim


In these unprecedented times retailers are often looking at alternative methods of delivering services to maintain a viable business and seeking to survive the challenges that the current pandemic presents. Accidents and subsequent claims can be time consuming and expensive for retailers even when…

Heading in the Right Direction - The virtues of detailed Heads of Terms


It is the end goal of any lease transaction to achieve an agreement that satisfies both parties' needs. The lease will dictate the complex contractual relationship between the parties to a transaction and so it is essential that all of the key points are addressed. However, at the root of any…

Covid Relief 2021


As the scourge of Covid-19 continues to disrupt and reshape our daily lives, the Chancellor of the Exchequer, Rishi Sunak, announced a further £4.6bn relief package for businesses in the retail and hospitality sector on 5th January. The government's support package comes in the form of a…

Keep up with customers' changing habits


Many high streets and city centres were struggling under the weight of customers' shift towards online shopping even before the pandemic hit. However, by virtue of forced closures, social distancing restrictions, potential customers working from home rather than in offices near physical stores and a…

The retail industry and the exit strategy from Covid-19


As we settle in to our third lockdown it might not be easy for businesses to think about the future and plan their "exit strategy". However, could this latest lockdown provide a unique opportunity for businesses to think outside the box, critique the way they operate and how they utilise their…

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