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Commercial Property


Time for a Change - Tenant's Alterations in Commercial Leases


It is common for tenants of commercial properties to wish to make physical alterations to a property during the term of their lease, to adapt the property to fit the tenant's way of working and to ensure that the property continues to meet the operational needs of their business. If the tenant…

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RPDT - Residential Property Developer Tax


RPDT is a new tax on profits of companies carrying out Residential Property Development activities, and is intended to cover the costs of replacement unsafe cladding. It will only apply on accounting periods which come to an end on or after April 2022. The tax will apply to profits above a £25m…

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The (continuing) emergence of turnover rents


Turnover rent is a long-established concept in the UK, having been used since at least the 1980s. It became a hot topic throughout the pandemic; the number of turnover rent structures began to increase and many wrote that it was the future of retail. This had been fuelled by the uncertainty which…

Commercial Property - The Road to Net Zero?


In our previous edition we wrote about "green" leases and how the parties to a lease may seek to agree terms in a lease or side agreement that focus on improving the environmental position of a building. The parties (particularly a landlord) may simply be motivated by a desire to meet…

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Government update on Commercial Tenant Rent Arrears


Recap of our June update In June 2021 we discussed that despite the Government being sympathetic towards commercial tenants during the pandemic, landlords were still able to reclaim rent arrears through the courts. The overarching advice from the Government in its Code of Practice was that…

What is Independent Legal Advice and when is it used?


Independent Legal Advice (ILA) means impartial advice provided by an independent solicitor. The idea behind an ILA is to protect an individual from signing any document before understanding the risks of the transaction. An independent advisor will sign a certificate confirming that they have provided…

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Environment Bill


On 9 November 2021, the Environmental Bill 2021-22 received Royal Assent, which became the Environment Act 2021. The bill passed three years after its first proposal to deliver and administer environmental considerations in the wake of Brexit. The aim of the bill is to create a stricter legal framework…

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