Parents Wrongly Accused Of Abuse By Social Workers

It was pleasing to read that a family from Bristol have recently been reunited, following medical evidence that their son was in fact suffering from Osteogenesis imperfecta – a rare bone disease.   

The team of social workers had accused the parents of abuse, when just weeks after their son was born he had eight fractures in his arms and legs.  This led to allegations that their son had been shaken and resulted in him being removed from his parents care together with his 5 year old sister.

Proceedings were issued by the Local Authority, during which the parents were placed in a residential assessment for 3 months so that they could be monitored.  Those investigations concluded that there were no concerns, however the social workers had applied for interim care orders and the children were placed with their grandfather.

South Gloucestershire Social Services dropped the case after Miss Garland found a medical expert who indicated that the child had the rare bone disorder.  However if it hadn’t been for this the family could have been separated much longer.

Although Local Authority’s have a duty to protect children, the Court are required to consider all the evidence in a case.  A spokesman for the council said ‘We always put the welfare of the child at the heart of how we deliver our services.’  However removing children from their parent’s care before facts have clearly been identified can cause detriment to family life.  Happily in this case the children have been returned to their parents.  Sadly, the parents have missed out on much of their children’s lives.

In my opinion social workers are exercising extreme caution in cases like these, perhaps following the high profile “Baby P” case, but it is important that facts are clearly established before parents are accused of child abuse.

So often care cases do not have a happy ending but this one did and clearly a loving family were reunited. 

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  1. manuela says:

    I been acussed of child cruelty.i need advice

  2. Gill Carr says:

    Hello Manuela

    Thank you for your comment received on the 8th October, please could you provide me with your contact details in order that I may assist you. Alternatively please consider our family department page on our website

    Kind Regards
    Gill Carr

  3. Danielle Hamblet-Harding says:

    Me and my partner are having troubles and being wrongly accused and messed around we could do with some advice please.

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