A Divorce App?

A scheme which will result in a web portal and mobile app has been announced by the government to tackle the problems associated with couples going through the process of separation. The  ‘divorce app’ will supposedly give advice on a range of issues, from child maintenance, to how to stop fighting in front of the children, to how to cope with your ex partners new partner.  As the nation has seen a surge in Family Law cases over the past decade, it is understandable that the government would want to take steps to reduce divorce and separation rates.

This is a scheme run by the DWP at a cost of £14million. The family minister, Maria Miller has reportedly stated that they wish to make it easier for parents to access the help they need during this time. Whilst that is a commendable aim, it is a pity that they didnt think of that when they decided to slash the legal aid budget, which will result in hundreds of thousands of families and vulnerable people being un able to access that very support they need!

Our divorce solicitors are experienced in helping a family through the process of separation as painlessly as possible, however this should only be a last resort.

Judith Wright

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Judith is an Associate within the Family Law department at Forbes Solicitors. Judith writes and advises on all areas of family law, including separation and divorce, dissolution of civil partnerships, financial settlements, prenuptial agreements, injunctions, Occupation Orders, matrimonial transfers of property, cohabitation disputes and issues regarding the arrangements for children.
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