Research shows that children in the UK's most deprived areas are more likely to go into care

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01 March, 2017

A project carried out by academics at, Sheffield, Huddersfield, Cardiff, Edinburgh, Coventry and Queen's University Belfast and funded by the Nuffield foundation has found that children in the UK's poorest areas are 10 times more likely to taken into care or placed on a child protection plan.

"Children in Blackpool, Hull or Wolverhampton were many times more likely to be LAC ['looked after children'] than children in Wokingham, or Windsor and Maidenhead," the authors said.

The report found that Poverty was the biggest single factor behind wide inequalities in child safeguarding interventions.

One can understand that there is a clear correlation between poverty and child protection concerns such as neglect, physical abuse and emotional abuse however, when you consider sexual abuse the pattern is less straightforward, but there are still far more children on protection plans for this category of abuse in the most deprived neighbourhoods than in the least deprived neighbourhoods.

These findings, coupled with a 14% reduction in Government spending per child on Children's Services between 2010 and 2015, which hit the already deprived areas the heaviest put children living in those areas at greater risk of being subject to child protection measures.

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