Suspension of the Police Registration Scheme - A Welcomed Change in the Immigration World

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07 September, 2022

Ashleigh Dibb

On 4 August 2022, the Home Office announced a welcomed change in the UK immigration world, confirming that the Police Registration Scheme has been suspended with immediate effect and is expected to be abolished altogether shortly.

Previously, the Police Registration Scheme placed an onerous task on nationals of specific countries, as listed in appendix 2 of the immigration rules, to register with the police within 7 days of their arrival to the United Kingdom and continuously update the police on any important changes to their personal details and immigration status.

Moving forward, the official announcement from the Home Office removes this regulatory burden for all applicants who have already registered with the police, or who have a condition to register with the police issued on their visa as part of their leave to enter or remain in the UK.

The abolition of this outdated scheme will undoubtedly be welcomed by many who felt that the requirement was particularly cumbersome and caused difficulties to remain compliant due to the backlog of outstanding appointments.

How does this impact visa holders?

Applicants who have recently received a visa stating that they are required to register with the police on arrival in the UK are not required to do so.

Applicants in the UK who have previously registered with the police under this requirement, are no longer required to do anything. These applicants do not need to communicate any further updated personal changes to the police.

Applicants who currently hold a police registration certificate are no longer required to produce these to a police officer or an immigration officer at any other time. There is therefore no requirement for applicants to keep their registration certificate.

Rather confusingly for migrants is that the requirement to register with the police still exists in the immigration rules and has not yet been removed. However, the Home Office has confirmed it will be amended in due course and that individuals can rely on the announcement which offers them protection in any future application.

All migrants should however be aware that there is an ongoing duty to report any changes online in any event via the link: Report a change of circumstances.

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