Companies House Announces New Stricter Filing Rules

The importance of getting it right just got more important! Companies House has announced that from 1 September 2011 they will reject any documents that are sent for filing that include an incorrect spelling or abbreviation of the company name. Companies House has changed its policy to make sure that the documents sent for filing with the registrar are filed on the correct company record.

There will be a few abbreviations still accepted such as: 

  • “public limited company”, “plc” and “p.l.c.” for a public limited company
  • “limited”, “ltd” and “ltd.” for private limited companies
  • “THE” can be missed out from the company name but only where it belongs at the front of the name 

The aim is to reduce the number of documents that are currently being rejected for filing due to typographical errors or abbreviations to the company name. 

So, from 1 September, all companies who file documents with Companies House will need to be extra careful and make sure that the company name on the document being filed matches exactly what is already on the official register. As always, the document must include the correct company number. 

This is the same sort of approach now being adopted by the Charity Commission and has a feel of spending cuts resulting in less time to help put things right where an innocent mistake has been made. So check, check and check again to save time and cost in doing your business with the Registrar. 

The Business Law Team at Forbes can assist in dealing with Companies House and other corporate governance matters.  

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