Are Government Plans on Cyber Security Really What Businesses Need?

The Government is in the process of launching a cyber security profile and intends to develop a kite mark which businesses can use to self-certify themselves as taking cyber-security seriously.  As part of this profile the Government has launched a new website and publicity campaign to go with it.

The Government’s new website contains a range of information and free resources and targets small businesses and individuals who may otherwise find it more difficult than large organisations to access this type of information.  The website takes a more light-hearted approach to cyber security, using a series of doors and characters through which you can view its content.  Behind each door there are simple steps to assist you with cyber security and safety.  The Government’s aim is to “measurably and significantly improve the online safety behaviour and confidence of consumers and small businesses (SMEs).”

The information offered by the website is not terribly detailed although it does offer the benefit of being to the point and equips its users with basic knowledge on which to expand.  The website sets out five essential tips for using the internet:

  • Install updates and antivirus software;
  • Use strong passwords;
  • Only download from trusted websites or organisations;
  • Beware of phishing emails; and
  • Review and protect your business’ information.

Given the heightened use of the internet, particularly in the e-commerce sector, cyber-security is more important than ever before and these five tips merely scratch the surface.  The website falls short of offering any sort of detailed advice and as such we would always advise that this be sought if you have any doubt.  The website targets website users mainly but for those who run their own website it is important to ensure that it contains the necessary policies and procedures, which amongst other things will ensure compliance with data protection legislation.

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