Upbraided – Glasgow based company pay £2.2million

The recent penalty imposed on the Glasglow-based company, Braid Logistics part of global Braid Group, provides an important reminder to organisations of their duty to comply with the Bribery Act 2010.

Braid Logistics had self-reported to the Crown Office after they discovered potentially dishonest activities relating to two freight-forwarding contracts in 2012. The company recently entered into a Civil Settlement, agreeing to pay £2.2million.

Braid confirmed that they operate a zero-tolerance policy towards the breach of anti-bribery legislation and that the small number of individuals involved no longer work for the company. They have implemented tighter policies around gifts, entertainment and expenses and current employees now undergo anti-bribery training.

The Bribery Act 2010, brought into effect in July 2011, was introduced to replace anti-bribery laws that had previously been described as inconsistent and ineffective. Penalties under the Act are severe, with companies facing unlimited fines and individuals up to ten years imprisonment. Large fines will have a detrimental effect on an organisation along with further far reaching commercial implications. Organisations that have ‘adequate procedures’ in place to prevent breaches may be able to argue a full defence.

The decision emphasises the need to ensure that your organisation has adequate procedures in place that are designed to prevent bribery and breaches of the Act.

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