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01 September, 2007

Did you see the report recently that Noel Edmonds had contracted repetitive strain injury as a result of lifting the heavy bakelite telephone on his popular T.V. Game Show "Deal - No Deal"? As well as making my day this got me thinking about some of the more unusual personal injury claims I have pursued over the last 20 odd years.

Most of my claims would fall into the been there / done it category: road traffic accidents or the odd finger sliced off in an unguarded machine are par for the course. Now and again however an unusual gem will emerge. How can I forget the shopkeeper who sat on the bacon slicer and got a little behind with his orders ( o.k. that's a joke!).

More seriously I did once obtain substantial damages for a client who got stuck between floors in a lift for a number of hours. She developed a serious phobia and since she lived on the 14th floor of a block of flats the damages had to include substantial removal costs. Not using the lift was not an option.

Then there was an unfortunate nurse who sustained a needle stick injury in hospital and became so obsessed that she had contracted something nasty from it that she stopped sleeping with her husband. It was partly as a result of this that the marriage sadly broke up.

Unusual claims are a welcome distraction but it is the rear end shunts and faulty machinery claims that butter my bread. I don't think Noel Edmonds will be calling on me so please keep those every day claims coming my way.

Remember go straight to a Personal Injury Solicitor. Cut out the middle man!

John Myles


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