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Divorce and Finances

15 Apr 2018

Everybody's experience when divorcing is different. It is impossible to compare a friend or relative's divorce outcome with that of your own, as circumstances will be different. However, in all divorces, how the husband and wife act could influence the settlement and how fair it is.…

Dotting the I's and Crossing the T's

22 Dec 2016

It is always nice to hear, when a Divorcing Couple can reach agreement between the two of them without any animosity or even having to involve Courts and Solicitors along the way. The advantages are clear. Both parties save legal fees, there is less acrimony and fallings out, and hopefully it will mean…

Romance vs Practicality

21 Jun 2016

We all like reading about celebrity divorces, not least because of the large amount of noughts after the value of their assets. We like to read about their properties, multi-million pound apartments in London, Los Angeles, New York, not to mention the costs of running their households with nannies,…

Last Christmas before you Divorce?

29 Dec 2015

If you have simply run the Christmas errands because that is what is expected, or making efforts to put on a brave face in case Christmas celebrations would be miserable for everyone, then please be aware that you were not alone. It is not surprising that every year January is our busiest time as…

Breaking up is hard to do

18 Oct 2015

Family Solicitor Donna Amos provides answers to the questions she faces most regularly about family separations. Q - My son separated from his wife and she will not allow us to see our grandson. Before they separated our grandson stayed over at our house and came on holidays with us. Do we have…

"and with all my worldly goods I thee endow..."

20 Jul 2015

Recent statistics show that there are now approximately 5 million divorced people in the UK, the highest number in Europe and 4 out of 10 married couples will eventually separate……it could be you! It is unlikely that you were thinking about your business assets when you recited your…

Divorce made civilised - Family Dispute Resolution Week

25 Nov 2014

This week, Resolution have launched an awareness campaign for those separating or contemplating separating. They call it Family Dispute Resolution Week. What is resolution? Resolution (previously known as the "Solicitors Family Law Association") is an organisation of Family Lawyers…

Are pre-nups just for film stars?

14 Oct 2014

"My Husband and I did not sign a pre-nuptial agreement. We signed a mutual suicide pact." Those were the words of Roseanne Barr when divorcing her actor husband Tom Arnold. She had apparently sacked her lawyers when they suggested that she make a pre-nuptial agreement, considering it an un-…

"Cohabitation - Having Common Sense as well as Romance"

09 Aug 2013

The law in England and Wales does not recognise in any meaningful way a living-together relationship outside marriage or civil partnership. Although the number of unmarried couples has apparently doubled since the mid-1990s, and the number of children living with unmarried parents has risen…

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15 Apr 2018



Divorce and Finances

Everybody's experience when divorcing is different. It is impossible to compare a friend or relative's divorce…

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