School's out!


18 July, 2008

It is that time of year again when the children's school holidays have crept upon us. For most families there will be the usual arguments when you take the precious ones away on the annual trip. However, it is something which happens once a year and you can cope with.

There are other families which dread the main summer holidays due to arguments with the children's father/mother as to when they will see them. Some have tried to come to an agreement months ago but have not been able to do so. Despite the difficulties a parent may have with their former partner, they have to put their own feelings aside and do what it best for the child. Problems often arise as to the precise details. Below are some well received wisdoms about how to make it as stress free as possible:

  • If at all possible agree to meet in a neutral place. This reduces the likelihood of any confrontation and arguments
  • Is it really necessary to take your current partner with you? The other parent may feel upset about this
  • Try and be flexible
  • Go with an open mind
  • Prior to the meeting have an idea as to when you are happy for the contact to take place
  • Who will be responsible for taking and delivering the child/children? Is this something which can be shared?
  • Listen to each other.

A parent knows what is best for their child and involvement from Solicitors and possibly the Court can add to the stress and create a further divide with the parents. Agree the level of contact in advance and get this agreement written down.


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