Attempts to Undermine Medco System Leads to Immediate Review by MoJ


02 September, 2015

MedCo is the new system to facilitate the sourcing of medical reports in soft tissue injury claims brought under the MoJ's Pre-Action Protocol for Low Value Personal Injury Claims in Road Traffic Accidents. It went live in April 2015.

After a matter of months, the MoJ is being forced to undergo an immediate review, noting on the website "It has become apparent that a number of new business practices have developed in this sector with the potential to undermine the Government's policy objectives."

Specifically, the MoJ is concerned that large MROs (Medical Reporting Organisations) are registering multiple companies for diagnosis panels to increase their chances of receiving instructions.

The Government will publish its findings along with details of any changes to the system, in the Autumn. All comments must be submitted to the MoJ By 4th September 2015.

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