Claiming Compensation Boils Down To Accurate Records


15 September, 2015

Following the recent water contamination scare in Lancashire, schools are advised to make a record of any losses they may have suffered as a result of being unable to use tap water recently.

These losses could be the expense in purchasing bottled water, the cost of having to boil water to use and potentially the losses suffered by having to close the school for any period of time. It is essential that an accurate record of these losses is kept by schools so that any claim for compensation can be supported.

United Utilities has stated that it will pay compensation to businesses and individuals affected by the scare. Forbes understands that some cheques have already been sent out in the sums of £50 and £60 to people affected. Schools are urged not to cash these cheques if they feel they do not accurately reflect the losses suffered as a result of the scare as the act of cashing the cheque could well be interpreted as acceptance of this amount in full and final settlement of any claims for compensation.

United Utilities will assess claims submitted for losses suffered by businesses on a case by case basis. Tom Smith at Forbes can offer advice and assistance to schools on making such claims with the aim of maximising any compensation available and can be contacted on 01254 222 362 or by email at Tom Smith


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