Greater Manchester Memorandum of Understanding


01 December, 2015

In April 2016 we could see Greater Manchester introduce a 'memorandum of understanding' which will attempt to set joint targets across the region on areas such housing supply, crime, health and employment. A historic memorandum of understanding was introduced in September this year to reform public health across Greater Manchester, and following this significant event, 30 housing associations and 10 councils are planning to do the same in other sectors.

The intention for the memorandum is to take advantage of the new powers devolved by George Osborne in his Autumn Statement published last week. The government intend to boost the economy across the North of England and create a 'Northern Powerhouse' by 2020, which will mean more investment in transport to connect to the North, investment in housing and culture to create new businesses and opportunities in the North and devolving powers and budgets to local areas across the North. Those housing associations and local councils who will be signing up to the memorandum will look to use these new powers to enable more invest in more homes by agreeing shared ambitions and it will give them the opportunity to take a key role in the growth agenda.

The memorandum is set to be finalised in April next year, so watch this space!


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