Gender Pay Gap Reporting


16 February, 2016

In a long awaited move, the government has now published the draft Equality Act (Gender Pay Gap Information) Regulations 2016. The regulations are intended to come into force in October 2016, although employers will not be expected to publish the information immediately.

The draft regulations set out the framework for the new Gender pay reporting requirements and as expected employers with over 250 employees will be required to introduce systems or processes to analyse their gender pay gaps.

Employers will be given lead-in time of around 18 months after commencement to publish the required information and then to publish annually thereafter. The reports must also be uploaded to the government.

The regulations apply to both the private and voluntary sector and will require employers to publish their overall mean and median gender pay gap. The draft regulations provide instructions on how to calculate these figures.

The draft Regulations are open for consultation until 11 March 2016.

Given the significance these regulations will have on businesses we are holding a breakfast seminar to discuss the potential implications. The breakfast seminar will be held on Wednesday 18th May, at Forbes' Preston Office. There will also be a training video available on our website from the 25th May. For further details on either of these please register your interest with Rachael Hull on

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