Beware - The Rise of Cavity Wall Insulation Claims


05 April, 2016

Claimants are now turning their attention to cavity wall insulation claims. We have noticed increased activity in this area with firms offering on 'no win, no fee' funding arrangements.

It is thought that over 6 million homes have undergone retro-fit cavity wall insulation. It was marketed as a quick and simple solution to make homes more energy efficient and the government set targets to encourage energy suppliers to insulate as many properties as possible. Ofgem can even fine an energy supplier for failing to meet those targets.

However, it has come to light that incorrectly installed or unsuitable cavity wall insulation can cause a host of problems, including damp, condensation, property damage and health problems such as asthma and breathing problems. Issues arising from the cavity wall insulation are not immediately apparent and can often take a few years to fully materialise.

Cavity wall insulation was debated at length in parliament last month, John Denham MP highlighted what he referred to as "unacceptable practices" in the cavity wall insulation industry and called for "an honest appraisal of the technology; where it works and where it does not and effective redress of victims".

John Denham MP has urged the minister for the Department of Energy and Climate Change, to carry out a full review of how the industry and CIGA operate to establish a genuinely independent oversight of the compensation arrangements. Furthermore, he called for an independent assessment of properties at least one or two years after installation to establish the true scale of dampness caused by cavity wall insulation.

Forbes comment

In due course, we anticipate an influx of cavity wall insulation based litigation. Experts predict that cavity wall compensation could rival PPI as the next big trend. Currently, claimants are largely marketing their services to private householders but it is only a matter of time before they inevitably turn to the social arena. We therefore need to be alert and ready for such claims. If a claim arises it should be investigated quickly. At Forbes we will act promptly and bring appropriate Part 20 claims against contractors who have wrongly installed insulation on behalf of our clients.


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