Forbes housing team join Contour to celebrate their success in dealing with Anti-Social Behaviour


05 March, 2009

Over the years, the Contour Group has developed extensive expertise in dealing with anti-social behaviour of all types on its estates and recently celebrated its success with an ASB conference day. This event brought together stakeholders from a number of partner agencies including Forbes Solicitors as well as Contour staff and residents.

The successes….

Rachel Gee, Contour Homes Area Manager said: "We take a tough line on anti social behaviour and we have worked with our partners on some high profile cases where we have had to evict families who had caused genuine fear in our communities. Our partnership approach with Forbes and other partners mean we can provide advice and support which encourages people to take control of their own area."

Contour Homes staff work closely with other agencies as experience shows that a multi-agency approach is the most effective.

In Handforth for example, the Group has set up an initiative called RESPECT Handforth where no less than twenty agencies have formed a working group to tackle issues that residents living in all housing tenures have identified as a priority for them. Agencies who have asked to be involved include:

  • The emergency services
  • Local schools and businesses
  • Churches
  • Various residents associations

Following the success of this pilot, Contour are hoping to replicate the project in other communities.

Key to our success has been…

One major factor in the Contour Homes success story has been the commitment and dedication of our ASB panel which is made up of Contour Homes residents. The Panel works closely with staff to help shape policies and procedures and are seen as very much part of the team.

The Panel has been instrumental in helping the company develop the programme for the in-house ASB Conference where around 75 staff gathered to share good practice, highlight future priorities and take part in a variety of specialist workshops including one hosted by Forbes Solicitors.

Rachel adds: "The majority of our residents want to live a quiet and peaceful life. We believe firmly that they have this right and we are determined to tackle the minority who persist in anti-social behaviour."


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