PI reforms put on the back burner


08 November, 2016

The Government have announced that the plans set out by George Osbourne in last year's autumn statement to increase the limit for the small claims track and to abolish damages for low value soft tissue injuries are to be put on hold.

According to the Gazette, Justice Secretary Liz Truss is rethinking plans for a major overhaul of the personal injury sector. It is understood that ministers are unenthusiastic about the proposals and many have drawn the conclusion that the plans will not be implemented.

However, The Times reports that according to the MoJ the proposals are "certainly not off the agenda".

Forbes comment

It seems that the current Government is occupied with Brexit and following a change of government personnel the appetite for the proposals has diminished with other more pressing priorities taking centre stage. Liz Truss, used her Conservative Party Conference speech in October to highlight greater diversity in the legal profession and the judiciary, and prison reform rather than focus on the further reform of the PI sector.

In the long term, we anticipate that further reform is inevitable although we predict that future proposals will be significantly watered down.

Sarah Wilkinson


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