Protect the dream


12 August, 2009

Many of today's young professionals have grown up in an era of easy credit,soaring house prices and a shop-'til-you drop-culture. Many have paid for their lifestyles by using credit cards or by increasing mortgages rather than paying them off.

The only knowledge they had of "hard times" came from the TV.

Many thought they were invincible and that life cover and income protection were not important to them. Then the housing bubble burst,the Credit Crunch happened and a recession hit. Now money is tighter. Credit is harder to come by and the competition for jobs is fierce.

Everyone not just the young and ambitious need to review how they or their partner would cope on their own or if one of them could not work due to sickness or injury.

Younger people enjoy cheaper premiums because they generally have cleaner medical histories compared with older clients.

So younger clients can make the most of their good health and take out Protection at a price they can afford.

Everyone can benefit from one of Forbes free Financial Health Checks. For more information please contact Peter Toner on Tel: 01772 220022 or contact Peter Toner by email.


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