Operation to fix broken leg goes wrong


10 September, 2009

In December 2003 a 29-year-old man underwent an operation following a broken leg. The aim of the operation was to insert a nail into the leg bone to strengthen the bone and to assist recovery.

Following the operation the man returned to hospital for a review and x-rays were taken. The x-rays showed that the nail protruded from the top of the leg bone into his knee bone. The nail was removed and re-inserted deeper into the leg bone.

Five months later he was still experiencing pain and discomfort in his leg and returned to hospital where further x-rays were taken which showed that the interlocking screw had broken. It was decided that the broken nail needed to be removed as soon as possible. However, his initial appointment in September, over two months later was cancelled and the operation did not actually take place until February of the next year.

He was awarded £32,500 in compensation, an amount which reflected the prolonged pain and suffering, the extra unnecessary operations and the extensive scarring to his right leg.

Forbes specialised Clinical Negligence team has handled a number of cases where people have been successful in recovering damages for negligent treatment received by a hospital. We are the holders of a legal aid franchise and can apply for legal funding. We also operate on a no win, no fee basis in appropriate cases.


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