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07 June, 2010

You've had a road traffic accident; not your fault. You've been injured and are suffering not only pain but financial loss. Sensibly you consult your solicitor and after the pleasantries, the first question you get asked is whether your accident was before or after the 30th April this year. If you reply "before" don't be surprised if your solicitor's face suddenly brightens and you might just hear a sigh of relief.

Why? Well for accidents after that date there is a completely new system in place which to put it mildly has thrown up its fair share of problems. If I tell you that it is a system which was brought in without being tested in advance, relies on forms being generated and completed before being sent "electonically" via a new computerised system and where there has been little or no practical training before implementation, I suspect you will not be surprised it hasn't exactly run smoothly! The legal press is full of angry and disillusioned lawyers complaining that they cannot progress claims. I have great sympathy but I'm here to provide living proof that with effort and perseverence just like that chap in Life On Mars you can find a way through the "portal" (which is the name given to the electronic security gate we need to access to register your claim).

I'm delighted to announce I've just settled my first RTA claim under the new system and until someone tells me differently I'm staking a claim to be the first lawyer to have done so. By settlement I mean that my client has been paid his damages and I've received my due costs from the insurance company (and well done RSA for doing your bit!). As usual the client has kept 100% of his damages and the claim was funded on a no win no fee basis. It shows that where there's a will there's a way. We like a challenge!

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