Procurement in Education


21 September, 2016

An important aspect of managing any organisation is making effective use of resources. Procuring for the right price as well as complying with procurement law is crucial and school staff accountable for budgets and buying have a key role to play.

Schools may have access to a range of frameworks which can be used to procure goods and services. Having a plan in place and implementing it well not only ensures compliance with the Public Contracts Regulations 2015 (which can apply to contracts valued as low as £25, 000), it is also likely to offer schools better value for money.

At the same time, schools may want to utilise their procurement exercises to deliver social and environmental change within schools and local communities. The PCR 2015 permit contracting authorities to take into consideration other aspects as well as price such as social value and green products.

The Department for Education and the Crown Commercial Service have published materials targeted at the education sector so that those in charge of making decisions to buy goods and services have an understanding of public procurement legislation. This is targeted at school staff who are responsible or accountable for budgets or buying and is available.

Our team regularly advises contracting authorities on compliance with the PCR 2015 and addresses incorporating green buying, solutions that deliver social value and applying the DfE and CCS guidance for schools and colleges.

Well-planned procurement and contract management should not only be approached from a compliance perspective - the rules enable you to deliver results for your school and environment, produce better value for money and pursue better outcomes.

If you would like advice or training on procurement in education or on prioritising social value or buying green please contact Daniel Milnes via email or phone on 01254 222313


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