Have you planned for your retirement?


16 June, 2009

As we grow older as a population, our preparations for a longer and longer life after retirement are lagging way behind.

The Department of Works and Pensions (DWP) estimates that between seven and eight million poeople are saving too little for retirement.

People now approaching retirement do not see themselves as old and feel they have a lot to offer society. Failing to save for retirement can lead to a most uncertain world.

People often find two things difficult to think about, Death and Retirement. Planning for the future can be a minefield but how can people expect "A Long and Happy Retirement" without planning for it.

One in ten of today's 50 year olds will live to be 100. In fact the average life expectancy is growing by around 5 hours every day.

Compare this with the amazing fact that an amazing 40 per cent of people recent surveyed admitted to having no retirement savings whatsoever then one can see there being a lot of people who simply cannot afford to retire.

Independent advice is required to consider how much money is needed not just now but also for the future.

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